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Using RFID, our single-location facility avoids the errors of hand-counting and barcode tracking, such as mis-scanned garments and common human errors.


We helped develop RFID tracking for the uniform industry.  Guarding against delivery inaccuracies is key, and to improving upon production, repairs, processing, and control are added benefits.

Belmont Linen & Uniform is decades ahead of the industry with harmless RFID chip identification tags.


RFID chips are about the size of a Trident brand piece of gum.  You could liken this technology to the chips we now use in credit cards and employee IDs.


Each garment has a unique chip.


Each garment gets a chip...

Technology advances in laundry...

  • Guaranteed return of garments.

  • Precise tracking for garment repairs

  • Ability to identify special requests

  • Eliminates delivery inaccuracies

  • Individual identification tags

  • Improves production

  • More efficient garment processing

RFID solves the biggest complaints...

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